wetsuit care maintenance with hanggoose wetsuit hanger

The perfect surf gift idea... wetsuit care made easy

HangGoose™ is an elegant, handcrafted, wetsuit hanger built out of long lasting, sustainably grown, teak to give you a lifetime of satisfaction. The 'Goose also makes the perfect surf gift idea for your favorite surfer.

Easy hanging is critical to good wetsuit care. With that long neck and hooked beak, HangGoose™ will hang anywhere: shower heads, car racks, tree branches, door trim, rain gutters, rafters… almost anywhere!

The open arm makes hanging quick and when hung from the waist, your wetsuit will last longer, and it will dry faster. Not to mention, your booties can get aired out, saving them from the classic case of booty funk. When you're ready to go surf again, so are your gloves, booties, and wetsuit. Your gear is all together, just grab it and go! That is the "Gift of the Goose".

When not in use, other hangers are bulky and they have that hook hanging out ready to snag a little neoprene – not a good traveling companion.

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wetsuit hanger surf gift

Dr. Goose wishes to remind us that for your satisfaction, "you can goose your suit and you can goose your booties but please don’t be too loose with whomever else you choose to goose!"

HangGoose™ makes the perfect gift for:

  • Surfers
  • Fishermen
  • Scuba Divers
  • Kayakers
  • Sailors
what makes HangGoose™ the perfect surf gift or divers gift?

What is going on with the Goose:

- posted on: Dec 11 2014

Limited Supply!,
- posted on: Dec 11 2013

  The best of all surf  gifts I have ever gotten!  Thanks for a killer product! The HangGoose is built to out live me. If my kids kids surf or dive they will get "the gift of the goose".

P.S. It has made a very appreciated gift for my friends that surf!